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How to Write a Good Songs With Lyrics

Ever wondered how to compose a song with great lyrics and fantastic melody? Ever wonder if you have to write lyrics or music? Composing a song is simple, but writing a fantastic song is not. I was lucky to work with some of the most successful songwriters in the world, such as Cathy Dennis, Wayne Hector, Alex Von Soos and (as an engineer) Andrew Lloyd Webber. In this column I will inform you about my adventures related to writing melodies during my period of work in Universal Music as a songwriter. No two songs are written in exactly the same way, but most of the time they are composed in a similar way. We finally have a GSS songwriting class that demonstrates how melodies are really composed, from basic music theory to melody and song writing, idea production and quality management, all with a hit songwriter with earnings of 5 million . At the end of the program, you can write a song that will be released to major publishers and brands around the world.

In pop music, a song usually consists of two authors - a songwriter who would normally start with chords, place the bass and build that song. The next author is an authority at the highest level. Their task would be to take care of lyrics and melody. A significant part of the time in which the author of the song entered the top line and led lyrical and melodic ideas, and the best author of the line sometimes had an impact on the chord. I was the author of the backing, the person who wrote all the songs and programmed the rhythms. I entered the lead when I was improving and I was more convinced. I taught songwriting classes at the diploma level, but I don't think that's my strength. I would really like to be a fantastic songwriter, but I'm better at anything else that I don't really care about sadness. The feeling of completing a melody, which you think is alive, is simply much better than hammering it behind decks in a leading London club or listening to a melody you mix or are on the list on the radio. One of the problems that probably held me back is that if I try to duplicate something, it's more like a flame in a pet store than anything anyone would listen to. It was better for me to play the guitar if I could hear my thoughts! I certainly don't believe that I can provide a GSS course, that's why we have Alex Von Soos on board who composed All Saints 'Black Coffee' among other people who contributed to his miraculous sale of 5 million albums.

Much time the author of the monitor wrote the instrumental or instrumental, from time to time it could be written like a large dance album that did well on the club track. The list that comes to mind today is Spiller - Groovejet "In case there is love." The trail of funds went round at nightclubs and was fairly common. The talented girl from A&R, Ruth Rothwell from Universal Publishing, asked Rob Davis to compose the first line of this foundation. "Spiller was the foundation that was delivered personally, and I composed the entire top line for it and ended up on my chorus," explains Rob. "I believe that Sophie (Ellis-Bextor) composed the verses herself." I even know about it and I will certainly not learn because it is not crucial for this report. The industry standard is that the author of the foundation receives 50 percent, and whoever writes that the top line gets another 50%. While I was composing with the artist, he will usually use a top-of-the-range author, so we would only share three publishing methods - monitor (me) - 33.3 percent, top poem - 33.3 percent, and artist - 33.3%. So if I composed the song with the author of the first line, I composed ... the top line, what was left for the composer to compose? Well not too much! Set the term "Insert note, get third"! It happened often, it never bothered me, because the third side of something is much better than half!

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So how to compose a melody. Most of the time, when we have some nice chords together, the top-shelf author tries some melodies and sings some nice lyrics together until we get something. Regardless of whether this jamming procedure was successful, you have chorus chords, lyrics and melody, but this is rarely true. You can have your chords and something "hooked" from the melody, and the author of the first poem wonders why she sings "can't sit down"! In this way you get a fantastic melody of the chorus, leave the chords from the chorus and stick with the melody because it is the great and most important element of the song. We will understand who we write for many days until we meet. Fantastic title, perfectly suits all melodies melodies and is perfect for the artist! The whole process can take from a few minutes to several hours. The difference between the B side and the original single is not dictated by how much time it took to come up with this idea. Sometimes you can have the name of this melody before you get it. It was very difficult for me to match the melody to the lyrics. Elton John works this way. It may be difficult for him to come up with tunes when he has no words to inspire him. I would like to ask, but unfortunately I worked with him as an engineer assistant at Air, a few years before I came up with the idea of ​​writing a song.

The most important issue is that we have our chorus, everything simply fills in the gaps, adjusts, justifies and gives meaning to this chorus. The following task is the first verse. The chords are often comparable, if not equal to the chorus, but there is no need to agonize the melody in the upper half until the chorus. In fact, you don't have to have a tune of poetry to be somewhere so hooked in a similar way to a chorus, or else you risk removing the chorus. It can be capricious, if it does something different - if the chorus is long and loose (a few long, green, long notes), maybe the poem should be sharper (short notes staccato, but many of them) to provide 2 segments shadow and light . If you're lucky, a certain number of the fake lyrics you sang will really get on the list. The lyrics on the first line should prepare the story for the whole song, they should be the initial springboard leading to the chorus. Again, most think that it is easier to match words to melodies than vice versa.

In popular music there is usually a big musical shift. Usually you want to change the chords except the melody. It's hard to stick to the exact chords and actually change the melody with the melody. Maybe you'll start thinking about supporting vocals (or desktop vocals if you're in America) to improve a little, but not too far, you don't want to take anything in the chorus that hits in a few moments! The way to enter the chorus, the way to position it so that the chorus hits the listener's mind as soon as it arrives, be sure that the shift in the chorus of the chorus works with the last chord of the bridge. All things to think about when creating your own bridge!

Today, the audience understands what the song is about and it's time to compose another poem. It is melodic like in V1, so we just have to write lyrics. It would be best to develop the narrative, but sometimes the lyrics are not suitable for writing in a linear style, and the general atmosphere of what you have already composed just broadens. Then, the next bridge (B2), the melody was written, it can be wonderfully tweaked it, but when we think the melody worked especially well the first time, it's probably stupid to try to fix it, it's not broken. There should be something explicit lyrically, it depends of course on the story. Sometimes on the next bridge there is some contradiction or spin.

Beef and potatoes from this melody are written, let the arrangement stir, let's see what we can do with your intro and outro, let us tinker, listen again and pat on the trunk and beg for as long as you can, but we know in the back of our heads that earlier than later we will have to compose another section to establish the last chorus and provide relief from what has passed: the middle 8 (or a bridge in America). We need to find a musical modification of this chorus, completely new lyrics and melody. We've mentioned everything, but now we have to think about something else to say. Can there be a rapper from the group? Does anyone feel like talking? It's almost always a great escape! Everyone is joking aside, they can really pick up the melody if the author does a fantastic job. In addition, it's worth understanding that the middle eights do not have to be eight measures and generally look at the end of the melody rather than the middle!

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